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Wedding Party

Megan Mueller

Maid of Honor

Megan and I met during summer school after our freshman year at UCLA — we hit it off and wound up rooming together during junior and senior year. After graduation, we packed up our apartment for San Francisco. We had both gotten our first (grown-up!) jobs in the city and found an apartment together in the Inner Richmond. Our Monday night tradition was pretty much my most favorite thing, ever: pizza from Giorgio’s and the newest episode of The Bachelor.

Haley Clarke


Haley is my younger, hipper sister—we’re only a year apart and have been joined at the hip since she was born. She has always been my biggest champion and supporter; I’ll never forget the amazing care packages she would send during finals, full of my favorite treats (Red Vines! Flaming Hot Cheetos!), pick-me-up goodies from Sephora, and our mom’s chocolate chip cookies. Last year, I flew down to LA to watch her audition for The Voice (no joke, she’s so talented!)—I’ve never been prouder!

Diana Huang


Diana and I have been friends since second grade at Upland Elementary School. Together we’ve traveled to more than 10 countries, including Argentina, Portugal, and Sweden; our last trip together was to Iceland last year, where we soaked in the Blue Lagoon and gave ourselves mud masks! Diana is a marine biologist and now lives in Honolulu; I jump at every chance I get to visit her in Hawaii.

Chris Massey

Best Man

Chris is my older and only brother—he has always been like a father figure to me. He owns and operates an awesome ski shop on Lake Tahoe with his wife Jenny (they’re expecting their first baby later this year!). Every summer, we do a week-long camping trip in the woods that we look forward to all year.

Matthew Craft


Matt is one of my oldest childhood friends; I have so many memories of him coming over to our house on Friday nights to play Nintendo 64 (and getting beat by me!). Matt is the biggest prankster I know (so whatever stories he might tell about me at the wedding—don’t believe them!). He now lives in the East Bay and is a sportswriter for the Oakland Tribune covering the Oakland A’s (a.k.a. his dream job!).

Benjamin Holland


Ben and I met in the studio during architecture school—we spent lots of late nights working on miniature models out of foam board, drinking Red Bull and coffee to stay awake. Now Ben lives in Shanghai and will be traveling all the way from Asia to join the wedding party.